Cyberhoist System EVEN2

Dubai: CYBERHOIST system now permanent available

The most intelligent and precise 3D motion control hoists have arrived in Dubai, and are ready to set the stage for the most impressive live presentation or entertainment event your audience has ever experienced. The Even2 team now has 16 CyberHoist I™ automatic rigging hoists which work with the InMotion3D control software to simply and effortlessly position elements, such as backgrounds, canopies, chandeliers, or other objects around your stage all with an accuracy of .01 mm, and up to 30m/min. variable speed.

Each motor is equipped with a “Flux Vector Drive” which transmits real-time information about positions, speed, temperature, and loads directly to the control computer via Ethernet link allowing you to create dynamic sets, and ever-changing lighting situations. Complex operations previously considered difficult or even impossible such as gliding cars, machines, and even people through space are now easily achievable – with pinpoint precision.

With the Cyberhoist system now permanently stocked in Dubai, spectacular displays are now within easy reach of all our clients in the UAE and Gulf Region. If you’re interested in utilizing Cyberhoist for your event, don’t hesitate to get in contact. We have the knowledge and manpower to take your vision from the drawing board to the main stage.

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