Equipment & Rentals

We'll do our very best to help

EVEN2 are an official distributor for Chainmaster, Cyberhoist, Buetec and Spidercam in the region and are proud to be the first in the area to put these systems into action.

EVEN2 have equipment that can be used for entire jobs or to add on to a client’s existing equipment. If you prefer to simply hire our equipment then we have provisions in place to assist you.

Our impressive equipment list includes:

Trussing systems
From manufacturers like Prolyte, Eurotruss, Thomas and Slick

Small, medium and heavy duty trusses from 30cm to 100cm and Truss circles from 4m diameter up to 60m diameter

Electrical chainhoists from Liftket, Movecat, Chainmaster
250kg WLL, 320kg WLL, 500kg WLL, 1000kg WLL

Variable speed chainhoist system CYBERHOIST
Set of 16 machines available 500kg capacity 0-20 meter per minute

Kabuki system
Showtex 60m, Solenoid system 16 cells

Motor control systems, power distros & cables
4, 8, 16, 24 and 32 channel systems

Load cell system
15 load cells available to monitor weight on critical points in the roof

Rigging accessories
Slings, Steelflex, Steels, Clutch chains, Shackles

600 sqm Buetec stage available