Kinetic Movements

Only the best is good enough

Vario Speed Motors

We’re proud of our reputation in the events sector and only the best is good enough for us. We use the revolutionary movement control systems CyberHoist and InMotion 3D to create stunning live experiences.

Track Systems

We use manual and electric curtain tracks with variable speed control which contain an extensive set of components enabling almost any movement imaginable, regardless of the weight of the curtains! High quality, noiseless, compact and easily transportable, these systems are ideal for touring, large venues and theatres. We use innovative techniques including barcode reading and laser distance measurement which enables us to track every movement.

Spider Cam

Moving through space without restrictions on the ground, the Spidercam effortlessly and silently follows the commands of the Spidercam pilot. This free movement allows new and unique perspectives, bringing your audience closer to the action than ever before. This is achieved by using the latest computing, network and drive technologies combined with approved and high quality camera and video components.


We use the innovative Kabuki system to create powerful and impressive effects. Kabuki allows us to drop a wall of curtain to the floor with meticulous timing. It’s a modular system and is almost endlessly extendable by connecting brakes and rollers with the Kabuki profiles.

This efficient system has been successfully used at many of our events such as the Ferrari World opening in Abu Dhabi, Splash Fashion Show and the ground-breaking ceremony in Abu Dhabi for Nuraai Island.


If you need to lift heavy weights, position equipped trusses or platforms safely and without any difficulties on your event, we provide high class engineering using Liftket or ChainMaster chain hoists.